How to Get a FREE Booth at OctoberBest 2013!

How would you like to see hundreds of potential new customers without it costing you a thing?  Good question… Right?   Well, the best way to do that is to register as an exhibitor for this year’s Northwest Design to Manufacturing / OctoberBest show and invite your customers.  The exhibitor who gets the most attendees will get their booth FOR FREE this year. It worked for me; last year I got the most attendees and my booth is free this year.  As Tom Peterson used to say “FREE is a very good price”. We hope to see you there and don’t forget to invite your customers, friends and family! Harvey Baron REMANTECH

Why You Should Not Miss OctoberBest

Nowadays, when one goes to a tradeshow, they attach this connotation of expecting to pay a little too much to view things that are readily available on the web.  With the 2013 OctoberBest Expo though, they should expect so much more. The 13th Annual OctoberBest Expo will be held on October 2nd, 2013 at  Tektronix located in Beaverton, Oregon.  The Expo features keynote speakers such as Cheryl Kennedy and Rob Rowland.  The event will deliver a viable historical overview from engineers who were part of that history and attendees will have the opportunity to hear how our NW industry got started. There will be a display of historical Tek products dating back some 40 years. The booth will be staffed by engineers who were there and who personally designed these products. What sets this event apart from others is the fact that attendees can see a myriad of local NW manufacturers, everything from metal and plastic manufacturing to cable assemblies and board stuffing and manufacturing- but also vendors who will consider you important.  The IEEE tech sessions will present new technologies for uC to uC communications.  This Expo will also give attendees the opportunity to renew acquaintances with colleagues as well as meeting new potential vendors along with partners and customers. By attending this year’s OctoberBest Expo, you will be supporting the NW economy as the 100% goal of the Expo is to sustain and develop NW companies’ expansion and, thus, jobs and orders.  Attendees will also be supporting the … Continued

The Vintage Tek Museum

Do you want factual technical history of the Northwest? There will be a treasure trove of resources available to you on October 2nd at the 2013 OctoberBest Expo. One of the booths at this year’s event will be hosting the passionate engineers from the Vintage Tek Museum. This museum is a separate entity from Tektronix itself; they simply house vintage Tektronix equipment. The organization is extremely engaging and open to showing off their wares. They are internally funded by engineers and kept together by a balance of volunteers and or hobbyists working on and repairing the multitude of scopes and test systems on site with the intent of making them original. This even extends to the effort of finding original parts for 40+ year old machines wherever possible. Dave Brown, an engineer at the museum, joined Tektronix in 1976 and retired in 2010. Initially he was hired as an electrical engineer and held various design engineering and managerial positions with the numerous divisions in Wilsonville doing graphic terminals. Eventually he became Vice President of Manufacturing and Factory Service for the Video and Networking Division (VND). When that was spun off in 1999, he became Vice President of Central Engineering for all of Tektronix and held that position for 10 years. All in all, over his 34 years within the business, he worked in the three key groups in Tektronix – Computer Graphics, Video, and T&M. The next diligent worker is Stan Griffith who was a calibration engineer at TEK, starting … Continued