How Tektronix Came to Be

It can easily be said that the electronics industry in Oregon was founded around Tektronix. On October 2nd, you will have the exclusive opportunity to take part in OctoberBest 2013 where you can see and touch history at Tektronix, Inc. You will be able to speak with engineers who took part in the development of one the region’s premier pioneering organizations. From modern day technology to the basics of measurement tools, the Tek Vintage Museum will be showcasing equipment from the past 7-8 decades. In order to truly appreciate the evolvement that Tektronix has endured, let us first take a trip back to where it all began. During the late summer of 1945, Jack Murdock, Miles Tippery, Howard Vollum (and later Glenn McDowell) decided to incorporate a company to produce their first oscilloscope, a type of electronic test instrument that allows observation of constantly varying signal voltages. Because WW2 was over and the government had suddenly no need for all available electronic parts, the guys were able to buy “tons” of unwanted parts for only a fraction of their worth. They decided they wanted to form a company and sometime during November or December of that year, Miles Tippery suggested the name “Tekrad” as the subsequent title; however, it appeared that another company had registered a similar name. To avoid confusion, Miles Tippery again suggested the new name Tektronix- and so it began.  In January of 1946, each of the four founders had to buy 26 shares at $100 to … Continued