About OctoberBest – The Northwest Electronics Design & Manufacturing Exposition

Twelve years ago, four members of the Electronic Representatives Association gathered to launch an idea that has grown into today’s OctoberBest – The Northwest Electronics Design & Manufacturing Exposition. Their goal was to provide an open forum for companies involved in manufacturing, design, testing and development to network and learn about emerging trends from industry leaders. The idea was and still is to showcase local sourcing of goods and services in manufacturing.

The event continues to provide an arena where local manufacturers can learn new methods and technologies. It promotes the exchange of ideas and information that will help them to perform more efficiently and cost effectively. It provides a platform to introduce local resources and suppliers to the manufacturing community who offer a wide range of products and services. OctoberBest sponsors technical programs designed for learning, networking and personal growth. All of this is done with the goal of stimulating the Pacific Northwest economy.

OctoberBest is an all-volunteer organization bringing together professionals from around the tech community to help plan, organize and facilitate the event. The primary contributors are the Oregon Chapter of the Electronics Manufacturers Association (EMA) and the Pacific Northwest Electronic Representatives Association (ERA).

Backed by other local organizations including the PNW Chapter of IPC Designers Council, the Surface Mount Technology Association’s Oregon Chapter, IEEE’s- Oregon Chapter and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, this expo gathers exhibitors and attendees from all facets of the electronics business. From these organizations, the show draws talented instructors who provide technical programs designed for learning, networking and personal growth.

Brisk sales of the 81 available booths reflect the high interest of exhibitors from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Each year the committee seeks larger venues as the interest of this expo evokes even more synergistic involvement within the electronics community.