Anh Quoc Ngo

Mechanical Design Engineer at Milwaukee Electronics

Anh Quoc Ngo graduated with a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Portland State University in 2017. Along with his degree, he had taken classes in and had experience with the Electrical Engineering field prior to focusing on his Mechanical degree.

While completing his degree at Portland State, he joined Milwaukee Electronics in 2016 in pursuit of gaining working experience in electronics and manufacturing. In 2017, he transitioned to an Engineer Documentation Specialist, then Manufacturing Technician, and currently serves as a Mechanical Design Engineer for Milwaukee Electronics’s Design Engineering Group.

Combining educational courses and experiences in the past few years at Portland State and Milwaukee Electronics, he started getting into 3D printing and discovered how this technology could improve processes as well as prototyping for the next tool / fixture. To him, as a Design Engineer, 3D printing is a powerful tool to bring ideas into life.


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