Brian Zwick

OEM Business Development Manager at Ampco Manufacturers

Brian Zwick is an OEM Business Development Manager with Ampco Manufacturers. He has been engaged in this capacity for 19 years: primarily supporting Engineers, Designers and other applicable Technical capacities. Brian has played a direct role in formulating hundreds of customer-oriented solutions; focused on durable printed, and related, manufacturing practices. A graduate of Simon Fraser University, Brian possesses an extensive background of experience. In addition to his current position, he has previously worked in cost analysis/estimating, design, and production settings. To provide the optimal solution for the application, Brian uses a consultative approach in connecting with clients, while utilizing his body of complementary knowledge to support the entire process. Client testimonials verify Brian’s competencies, overall commitment, and ability to satisfy objectives.

2019 Tech Session, 11-11:45AM
Membrane Switch as a Form of User Interface

For most people in today’s world, the smartphone (and hence touch screen) has become the standard when it comes to the form of user interface. All the while, membrane switches are utilized in a wide range of applications.

What is a membrane switch? How does it work? What are some of ‘options’ available? Where can it be used? These are just some of the more common questions which arise.

Ampco Manufacturers has been designing and producing customized membrane switch solutions since 1988. From automotive, industrial, instrumentation, medical, oil and gas (the list goes on…) environments – membrane switches represent an effective answer when it comes to user-interface technology.

Come and find out more about membrane switches and hear responses to the questions posed above …and bring any additional questions which you may have.


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