Josh Carter

Manager at WeWork Labs Portland, former CEO/COO at Patriot Boot Camp and BrightWork

Josh Carter is Manager, WeWork Labs (Portland), ex-Patriot Boot Camp CEO/COO, ex-BrightWork CEO (Techstars), ex-Twilio, US Navy Vet, Speaker, Optimistic Pessimist.

A Portland transplant, Josh is a business leader with several years experience in building teams, products, and mentoring others who are building the next generation of products and services. Josh, a US Navy Vet, has created a few companies including the digital marketing firm Plunk as well as BrightWork which he took through Techstars in 2016.

2019 Session, 2:00-2:45PM
Successfully move your business through “The Business Life Cycle”

We’ll discuss the stages that businesses move through as they grow. In particular what needs to change, be in place, and left behind at the transitions.

  1. Start-up through growth.
  2. Why people need to step or step out.
  3. Infrastructure, financials, processes, delivery has to change.
  4. Extended teams and internal teams every step of the way.
  5. Leadership and management development.


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