Matt Stevenson

Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sunstone Circuits

Matt Stevenson started in the PCB industry in 1995 and came to Sunstone in 2006 as Quality Manager and progressed to VP of Sales & Marketing in 2019. He has extensive experience in the PCB industry and has proven his skill and dedication to Sunstone by continuing to grow the company’s revenue, partnerships, and lead excellent customer experiences. Matt’s knowledge of the process from sales to production to quality control provides him a unique view of how to keep Sunstone growing and ahead of our competitors and his background places him as the most appropriate figure to manage Sunstone’s message, branding and value proposition.

With eight years as Quality Assurance Manager at Sunstone Circuits, he has proven himself to be an invaluable resource, excelling in managing the quality of the Sunstone product line, and is uniquely qualified to represent the Sunstone brand.

Stevenson has earned two Bachelors’ of Science degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from Colorado State University, as well as a Master’s of Business Administration degree from Portland State University.

2019 Tech Session, 9:00am–9:45pm
PCB Layout and Design Pitfalls

This talk will cover commonly found issues with PCB layouts that can cause manufacturability or reliability issues, what they are and how to mitigate them.


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