Phil Bride

Principal at Rogue River Consulting

Phil Bride, Principal at Rogue River Consulting, has developed deep expertise along with 30+ years experience developing organizations companies. From Intel, Mentor Graphics to startups and small growth companies.

Phil has worked in the industry helping companies set direction, take next steps and execute to plans. He has worked to help companies tackle their tough issues to move forward.

Phil has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and an Masters in Business Finance and Marketing. He is certified in various coaching disciplines including Advanced Insights for business leaders. He regularly attends training through professional organizations.

He currently co-chairs the CFMA education committee, and chairs the business development group in a local business group.

Phil speaks at chamber events and other associations on business culture affects on business results, project management, decision frameworks and other business related topics. Associations include NKBA, NARI, OME, WIN, CFMA, The Business Roundtable.

Phil lives in the Beaverton area with his family and enjoys skiing, hiking, fishing, camping along with fiddling around in his shop.

2019 Session, 2:00-2:45PM
Successfully move your business through “The Business Life Cycle”

We’ll discuss the stages that businesses move through as they grow. In particular what needs to change, be in place, and left behind at the transitions.

  1. Start-up through growth.
  2. Why people need to step or step out.
  3. Infrastructure, financials, processes, delivery has to change.
  4. Extended teams and internal teams every step of the way.
  5. Leadership and management development.


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