Tech Session Speaker Preview: Tony Lentz




The NEDME team is very pleased to count Tony Lentz among this year’s presenters. Tony is a Field Application Engineer with FCT Assembly, and will present the results of his extensive research on “Water Soluble Solder Paste: Wet Behind the Ears or Wave of the Future?” Tony was kind enough to give us a preview of his presentation, and a sampling of his current work, in advance of the show.


What has been one of your favorite work projects in the last few years?
One of my favorite projects to work on in the last few years was a solder paste evaluation process. I worked on a series of tests to challenge solder pastes, really to try and “break” them. That work was presented as a paper called “Dispelling the Black Magic of Solder Paste”. The paper that I am presenting at NEDME is an extension of that paper using many of the same methodologies but with specific focus on new and existing water soluble solder pastes.


Tell us about a change you see coming in the industry, and a way in which companies should be positioned to meet it.
One change that I see in the industry is a continuing shift away from components with leads to no-lead devices like QFNs. QFNs, LGAs and the like are becoming much more popular. Along with that comes issues with voiding especially on the thermal pads. Many solder suppliers are working on ways of reducing voiding in their products. I am currently working on a project to test ways of reducing voiding through solder paste formulation, stencil design, and reflow profiling. The first paper of this project will be presented at SMTAI 2016.


What is one thing that you hope people will take away from your presentation?
What I hope that people take away from my presentation is that water soluble solder paste technology has fallen behind that of no clean solder pastes. We are one of a few solder suppliers that are working on new water soluble technologies. I hope that the audience understands that new water soluble solder pastes can perform as well as no clean solder pastes.



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