NW Electronics Design
& Manufacturing Expo

2017 Sponsor Profile: Plural Additive Manufacturing

NEDME’s sponsors truly make the show what it is. This year, we’re happy to welcome a new Gold Sponsor, Plural Additive Manufacturing. We spoke with Ed Israel, one of the co-founders of Plural, about the electronics industry and his hopes for the show.

Are there particular changes in the electronics marketplace that you think your company is especially well-positioned to meet?

The changes are really to manufacturing itself. The coming of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and the revolution it is going to create across all manufacturing sectors will require that companies take a very close look at how AM will impact their business. We believe it is a “when” not an “if” as it relates to encroachment into most if not all markets.

Plural, its industrial 3D printing platform for plastics, and its services exist to help companies not only improve their rapid prototyping, but to incorporate AM into their end production planning.

What are you hoping to get out of sponsoring this year’s NEDME?

Three things. 1) to learn more about the electronics industry in this region, 2) to introduce our company to the industry, and 3) to see how Plural and the industry can help one another.