2018 Sponsor Profile: W.Koop & Associates

We’re very pleased to have W.Koop & Associates, a manufacturers representative firm dedicated to serving the electronics community, as one of the gold sponsors for NEDME 2018. Walter Koop was kind enough to take some time to answer some of our questions about the local business community and WKA’s involvement with the show, and we’re happy to be able to share his thoughts with you. Register now, and look out for WKA at the show!

Tell us about one of your favorite things about the NW electronics and manufacturing community.

When I think of the NW community and NEDME, I look at it from two perspectives. The NW is 1) Idaho, Oregon and Washington and 2) Portland. Portland has a very unique personality. When I think of the Portland market, I think of a very diverse market that plays in every segment of the electronics market. It is the one opportunity we have every year to meet up with people that we have known for a number of years and meet a few new people as well!

Are there particular changes in the electronics marketplace that you think your company is especially well-positioned to meet?

WKA has only been in business for 10+ years but three of the people at WKA have been involved in the Portland market for 21 years, 19 years and 9 years. Those same three people have over 110+ total combined years in the electronics industry. We have seen huge changes in all aspects of the industry AND the industry continues to change. We will continue to change with it. I believe that the people at WKA have the experience in technology (product), business, sales and marketing to assist our customers in informed decisions.

What are you hoping to get out of sponsoring this year’s NEDME?

WKA represents many leading global manufacturers of components and sub-assemblies that our local customers are using. This is an amazing opportunity for attendees to get in front of key people directly from the factory.