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2019 Sponsor Profile: Sunstone Circuits

We are very glad to have Sunstone Circuits as one of the Gold Sponsors for NEDME 2019! Sunstone has been a leader in PCB manufacturing for decades, and Kelly Atay, Marketing Program Manager at Sunstone, was generous enough to share some of his thoughts with us.

What unique strengths do you think Sunstone brings to the electronics industry in the Pacific Northwest?

Quick turnaround, quality boards and close enough to pick up faster than shipping. Several Sunstone contributors to articles in PCB publications.

Of all of the new technologies and challenges on the horizon for Sunstone, which are you most excited about?

We are always keeping watch and evaluating new technology while recognizing that our processes are tried and true and produce quality circuit boards.

What do you hope to get from Sunstone’s participation in NEDME 2019?

Naturally we hope to gain more clients and earned media, but also be acquainted with local businesses and recognized as a one of the PNW’s successful manufacturers.