The NW Electronics Design & Manufacturing Expo

NEDME 2021 Has Been Delayed Until 2022

While there is some evidence of "normalcy" in 2021, we are still grappling with Covid-19, here in the Pacific Northwest. As such, we have made the decision to delay the NEMDE Show until 2022. If you have already chosen to roll your 2020 payment to 2021, you may do that again, for the show in 2022.
We will do that automatically for you. If we don't hear from you, we assume that is what you would like to do.
However, if you would like a refund, please contact us at info@emaoregon.org.
—Megan Lammers, EMA Board Chair

Floor Plan



Exhibitor List

  • Assembly Solutions, LLC (M103)
  • Compliance Alliance, LLC (F109)
  • Conductive Containers (F103)
  • ControlTek (H106)
  • Data Modul Inc (J105, J106)
  • Datest (G106)
  • Electronic Component Sales, Inc. (G109)
  • Element (Q110)
  • Fusion (F104)
  • Kirby & Demarest (N106)
  • Klinger IGI (K101)
  • MaRC Technologies (H104)
  • MaRCTech2 (G104)
  • Meta Fab, Inc. (P110)
  • Monsoon Solutions, Inc. (E103)
  • Northwest Fourslide (C101)
  • NW Test Solutions (D107)
  • Out of the Box Manufacturing (E101)
  • Polar Instruments, Inc. (E109)
  • Q&D Wire Cable Assembly, Inc. (D104)
  • REStronics (G103)
  • Screaming Circuits (C104)
  • SMTNW (M107)
  • Sunstone Circuits (C105)
  • Technical Cable Applications, Inc. (H109)
  • Temco Northwest (C103)
  • TTI, Inc. (H101)
  • Universal Instruments (N107)
  • W.Koop (E107, F107, G107, H107)
  • Zero Defects International (L107)

Benefits of Exhibiting

Seize this opportunity to exhibit at the Northwest’s premier Electronics Design & Manufacturing Expo.

Today’s competitive marketplace means finding and developing new customers is more important than ever. As providers of services and expertise here in the Northwest and throughout the world, this is our top priority. Our exhibitor network has ballooned through our 18 years and has solidified our opportunities in interfacing and connecting vital services and goods with decision makers and potential business partners and suppliers.

Also our connections with community groups including the Oregon Food Bank and local schools and colleges join in the development of upcoming generations of customers and workers. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this exciting event—the benefits are many:

  • Support this excellent manufacturing network in our region, and help keep high-tech manufacturing jobs here in the Northwest
  • Find your next supplier, contract manufacturer, or customer as you meet and establish relationships with others in the Northwest manufacturing community
  • Attend relevant keynotes and technical panels hosted by some of the most experienced and visionary talent in Northwest manufacturing
  • Explore the visions shared by our contributors and entrepreneurs
  • Support the Oregon Food Bank! The show has given over $35,000 in cash donations and 3,500 pounds in food to the Oregon Food Bank over the years.




If you’re exhibiting, speaking, or sponsoring at NEDME, you’ll want to view your participant kit—it’s your one-stop resource to ensure your company has a successful expo experience. If you have any questions beyond what’s covered in the participant kit, you can always send us an email: info@nedme.com.

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