Darren Hitchcock (Panasonic Electronic Materials) has over 30 years of experience in the PCB industry.  He obtained a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University in 1992.  He began his career at Tektronix as a mechanical process engineer in their circuit board division (Building 38).  This division of Tektronix was later spun off as Merix Corporation in 1994 (The factory is now TTM Forest Grove).  While at Merix he transitioned to FAE (field applications engineer) providing DFM support for OEMs in the infrastructure, high end computing, medical, flexible circuit, and military/aerospace markets.  In 2005, Darren started with Multek as an FAE supporting customers in similar markets.  In 2013 Darren joined Intel as a materials engineer and later managed that team in the global supply management (GSM) organization.  In 2018 Darren started with Panasonic in their electronic materials business division working with OEMs with technical support for rigid and flexible circuit materials and now manages that team. 

Darren is currently the chair of the IPC 3-11a Subcommittee responsible for the IPC-4101 laminate and prepreg specification.