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Phil Bride, over his career, has developed successful teams and organizations. As an executive mentor, coach and trainer, Phil brings over 30 years’ management, business growth experience to new and experienced business leaders.

Phil built and ran multiple companies for others and himself. His latest is Rogue River Consulting, a consulting firm focused on leading small businesses through growth stages as well as professionals dealing with dynamics of developing staff and working with colleagues. 

Previously, Phil was president of JRI, an international business intelligence (BI) company, providing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) software systems for growing businesses. He developed teams and territories in the US, CA, EU, and APAC.

Phil uses a highly practical approach that parallels sports with a mix of business/leadership skill development, mentoring/coaching, and training.

Phil holds a Master of Business and Bachelors of Science from University of Portland. Phil has trained extensively in business processes, management and leadership best practices, is certified in DISC assessments and professional development.