2018 Partner Profile: vintageTEK

vintageTEK, a museum of Tektronix equipment located in Beaverton, has been a valued partner of NEDME for years, displaying some of their vintage Tektronix equipment in our display area for the benefit of our attendees and exhibitors. Dave Brown of vintageTEK sat down with us and shared some of his thoughts on the museum, its future, and its relationship to NEDME.

What are some of the most important things that your organization contributes to the local electronics community, or to the local community at large?

Tektronix has a strong legacy spanning 70 years. The company has made significant contributions to the industry as well as the local community. vintageTEK is a charitable, educational and scientific museum founded to commemorate the history of Tektronix and its role in spawning approximately 300 high technology companies in the “Silicon Forest.”

The museum and website is dedicated to displaying working Tektronix products which enabled generations of scientists, engineers, and technicians create the future and to the memory of those Tektronix employees that created this legacy. Our mission is to encourage the next generation of engineers by sharing this knowledge and history and supporting STEM programs in our local community.

Are there any new projects or goals in your organization that you’d like to share?

vintageTEK just recently launched an instrument library. This ‘library’ consists of various sophisticated test and measurement equipment that students, age 10 and above, can check out for their projects and education. Details can be found on our website. Many engineers will tell a story about how they became interested in science and engineering and it typically starts with an experience or project at an early age. The museum is proud to be able to offer such instruments to students to help encourage exploration and learning.

What does your organization get out of its partnership with NEDME?

Many of the companies and individuals attending NEDME have had direct experience with Tektronix over the years and often share their experience and history with us. In addition, the products that we exhibit vividly show the technology evolution and the challenges that had to be overcome in their development and this facilitates even more stories. NEDME provides a unique opportunity for conversations with individuals who may not know about or have yet visited the museum.