2019 Sponsor Profile: Toradex

We are extremely pleased to welcome Toradex, a computing solution provider focusing on low to medium volume projects in the embedded industry, as our newest Gold Sponsor! Stuart Cohen, Technical Sales Engineer at Toradex, graciously offered his time and thoughts to share with the NEDME community in advance of the show.

What unique strengths do you think Toradex brings to the electronics industry in the Pacific Northwest?

Our Arm-based System on Modules and production-ready software help customers get products to market as quickly as possible.

We build rugged long-life products focused on the needs of the industrial, medical, and avionics customers so prevalent in the Northwest.

In addition to shorter development cycles, our pin-compatible product families enable multiple product SKUs for different performance levels and rapid migration to next generation processors.

Of all of the new technologies and challenges on the horizon for Toradex, which are you most excited about?

Our new Torizon Linux distribution helps customers accelerate their software development. If developers have primarily worked with Windows/WinCE, or have not been in the embedded space before, building with the Yocto Linux project often involves a time-consuming learning curve. Torizon not only helps minimize development time, but also helps with common requirements such as secure over-the-air (OTA) updates. Applications are executed from Docker containers, which simplifies maintenance and opens up an extensive software ecosystem.

This containerized approach allows customers to use the distribution in binary form. Applications developed in containers are added to the running OS. No need to build a monolithic image from the ground up. We even provide tools that plug into Visual Studio, so developers can continue to use that IDE if they prefer. Of course Torizon is still open source – you can use and modify the source code if your prefer.

What does Toradex hope to get out of sponsoring this year’s show?

Since we’re always working on new products, we hope to hear more about features that are important now, and the ones that will become important soon.In general, though, we hope to spend time with existing customers and partners as well as introduce ourselves to others who can leverage our solutions to quickly bring products to market.