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“Arcimoto: the World's First Fun Utility Vehicle and the Autonomous Platform of the Future” by Mark Frohnmayer, President and Founder, Arcimoto, Inc.

Meet and greet with exhibitors at the NW Electronic Design & Manufacturing Expo.

Tech Session 1 9:30 – 10:15

Eva Cheung, Regional Engineer and Sales Manager, Kingbright Company, LLC

Joshua Lifton, CEO & Co-founder, Crowd Supply

Duane Benson, Marketing Manager and Chief Technology Champion, Screaming Circuits

Tech Session 2 10:30 – 11:15

Garry Haslewood, Data Modul

Diana Wojcik, Chairman of EMA

Tech Session 3 12 – 12:45p

Matthias Zapatka, Chief Technology Officer, Ingun USA, Inc.

Tony Lentz, FTC

Laura Zager, Patent Attorney with Patent Capital Group

“Drone law: what you can and can't do with a drone!” by Craig Russillo, Partner, Schwabe, Williamson, & Wyatt

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Entry Fee $5 or
Canned Food
LEDs in Smart Devices & Other Applications $15
Disruption from Below: How Open Source and Crowdfunding Are Changing the Electronics Industry $15
Last minute DFM: making sure your design is ready to be built $15
Displays for Our Future $15
Scaling or Bailing: the Tech Business Owner's Financial Toolkit for Decision Making in Times of Growth or Exit $15
Introduction to RF and High Current Probing Solutions for Production Line Testing $15
Voiding and Ways to Mitigate Voids $15
Patent Smarter: Integrating Patent Planning into Your Business Operations $15
$5 or
Canned Food

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